Our high streets are in trouble.

As of the first 6 months of 2012, the average vacancy rates across the UK has risen to 14.5 %, meaning around 1 in 7 shops on our high streets are empty!

With these units becoming more and more difficult to sell or lease, they are sitting empty for long periods and are having a negative impact on surrounding businesses.

So what if there was a way these empty units could have a positive impact on the surrounding area and increase the chances of them being occupied with a successful business?

With digifronts this is possible…

We replace the signs and boarded up windows with 3D images, which create the effect of a busy and vibrant shop or café. As well as improving the visual aspect of the building, this also demonstrates the potential of the building to potential occupiers.

And that’s not all…

The really clever bit is that each of these installed images will contain unique QR codes. When a passer-by scans one of these codes, they can cast their vote on what type of business they think would best suit the area.

The public will be encouraged to provide this data by offering incentives such as discounts and special offers in nearby businesses. This then will also have a positive effect on the surrounding area.

The data gathered is invaluable for owners of the property, allowing them to target specific sectors and demonstrate demand.

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